neapolitan Pizza

The beauty of Neapolitan pizza is its simplicity and the star of the show – the crust

 Our dough is made fresh on site using only five ingredients; flour, water, salt, yeast...and LOVE! We know that when it comes to Neapolitan pizza it’s all about the dough, which is why we hand-stretch ours using traditional techniques. This makes the crust light, air-filled and wonderfully crisp on the outside but soft, chewy and moist within.

An authentic Neapolitan crust should be tangy and generously charred with ‘leopard spots’ or cornicione to use the official Italian term!

We’re incredibly passionate about two things; staying true to Neapolitan pizza principles and supporting local small businesses.

We believe in excellent quality ingredients, sourced with intention, and as locally as possible. Our meat is from a brilliant butcher on the same street as us and the charcuterie comes direct from Shropshire Salumi and Trealy Farm. As well as the British organic farm we get our Fior di Latte mozzarella from we also managed to track down a buffalo farm near Aberystwyth producing Wales’ only buffalo mozzarella!

Our pizzas are proved slowly, topped with perfect proportions of fresh ingredients and then cooked hot and fast, resulting in a blistering crust and tasty centre. But don’t just take our word for it, come and try one (or two, or three) for yourselves…